Thursday, January 8, 2009

The photo on the left shows some of the panels where I have them lying flat for me to put a finish and the gesso on them. Behind them are several more panels waiting for me to finish these before I can get them on the flat surface to receive their gesso.

To the right, is the underpainting of the middle panel of my first of two paintings that are a triptych for the hospital commission. You can see how thinly I am putting down the paint to just have a road map for coming back and adding good thick paint and details.
The photo below that is the panel that will be to the left of the middle one. The underpainting is a little more vivid on this one. I was getting a little bolder with my initial lay in. Though it looks a little spotty at this initial stage, these colors will be good as a base for what I put on later. These will show through some of the later layers and will give the painting depth and life!

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