Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here you can see the second layer of painting on the middle panel and the left panel.
I having fun, but trying to make the oil painting have the same style as a pastel is a difficult task.
My oil paintings have more of a "brush stroke" look. The pastel paintings have a somewhat softer look and the strokes are less evident.

So . . . I like a challenge . . . and this is definitely one of those. I have actually started on the second triptych. I have progressed quite a bit further and will be posting the remaining work on this triptych. I have stopped on it at the moment to let it dry a little before continuing with it. I would consider it about 80 percent done -- maybe a little more. I am not happy with it, and will be looking, and deciding what I need to do to make a better painting of it . . . and of course, to make me like it!
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