Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Again, I am apologizing for ignoring posting on my blog. Hopefully you will forgive me and come back again.

I am posting today a painting I have just finished -- hopefully finished! I wanted to paint a green scene and not use too much green. I have brushed off this painting in the upper left corner (as you are viewing on the screen). I had several tree trunks and it made the painting look as if there was one painting on the left and one different painting on the right. The first image is the one before the fix!

The second image is after the fix. The background that is somewhat abstracted was beautiful to me -- so I brushed out all but one of the tree trunks and continued the nice blues and lavendars to the left side behind it. I think the painting is now more harmonized. The painting is 24" h x 36" w and is painted on an Ampersand Pastelbord.

Don't you think the second one after the fix is a better composition. And the funny thing is I originally did not have those extra trees in the painting. Does this tell me that I should stick with my original plan and vision? Maybe so. Don't second guess myself after the plan is made. But then sometimes a painting tells you what it needs that is not part of the original plan. Something to ponder? Give me your thoughts!