Monday, April 20, 2015

Prints? Are they worth doing?

"Dune Shadows" Pastel 8"x10"
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Two big questions

1.  Have you ever considered purchasing a print of your favorite artist's painting? 

2.  Would you prefer there to be no prints of an original that you did purchase?

Some of my opinions -- and a few more questions

What do you think about prints of my fine art originals to supplement what I offer? At this time I do have "Fine Art America" as a site that produces "print-on-demand" offers for my originals along with the pricing for the original itself. I have made this a link so you can take a look there also!

One of my galleries was contacted by a company that saw my work on their site and liked what they saw. I was asked if I wanted to talk to this company about producing prints for me. 

I think it could hurt the sale of my originals. I have been of the opinion that there are a very few reasons an artist should produce prints. .... #1 if the artist takes a long time to do an original, which might mean the original is pricey. Making prints of these would make sense. #2 is if the artist is selling most of their originals, then making prints would be a smart thing to do also. So... that is kind of three things: (1) Price of originals is high; (2) long time to produce work / intricate originals; and (3) selling most of their originals! 

What do you think?