Saturday, September 1, 2012

Events For Fall 2012

Why don't you join me for some of these events

... much fun will be had, and I would love to visit with some of you I have not seen in some time.

I have been busy painting and creating ... and planning! Here is a list of what is coming up:
  • (1) Sept. 14-16, 2012 (Fri.-Sun.) -- Fall Plein Air Festival, Blue Ridge GA in conjunction with the International Plein Air Painters' World Wide Paint Out. Here is thea link to the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association page for the festival:;
Rocks & Roses
Pastel Plein Air
The Plein Air Festival is always a great time. We schedule this event to participate in the World Wide Paint Out ... where there are artists all over the world that have registered to paint this particular weekend. The organization is the International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) and a link to their web site is: This is a great organization, so be sure to have a look at different pages on their site.

I have four artists coming from Florida and one of my friends from Darien, GA! I know there will be many of our local artists participating and painting around the town of Blue Ridge and the surrounding Toccoa River area. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a showing of work done in The Art Center ... and some ribbons/awards will be given to artists that wish to participate in the "competition" part of the event.

Not every artist needs to feel pressure to participate in the competition ... it is more about being outdoors and painting from life. And ... getting to know other artists! So, if you have ever wanted to try plein air painting, this is the time. Several of us have said we will gladly take inexperienced artists under our "wing" and give them the benefit of what we have learned. Won't you come join in the fun ... you just never know what you might accomplish.
  • (2) Sept. 22, 2012 (Sat.) --  One Day Plein Air Workshop, Rome GA, sponsored by the Rome Art Coterie. Here is the information they have put out about the workshop ... and it is coming close to being full;
Oil Plein Air
"The Rome Art Coterie presents A Fall Plein-Air Workshop with Artist Marsha Savage on Saturday, September 22 at Oak Hill in Rome, GA. The cost of the full-day workshop is $60 ($50 for Coterie members). Class size is limited to twelve. Currently there are four spaces available. The workshop begins at 10:00 AM; bring your lunch.


Marsha is a winner of multiple awards and is represented in several galleries. Each year she conducts workshops between her travels in the U.S. and Europe to paint her favorite subject, the landscape, in oils, acrylics and pastels. Participants in the workshops can work in any of these media.

During the workshop, Marsha will do a demo and will come to each participant’s easel for one-to-one interaction. Contact Randy Eidson for registration at 706-295-2296 or ."
  • (3) Sept. 29, 2012 - Jan. 4, 2013 -- Resident Artist, Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association, Blue Ridge GA (BRMAA);
I will be the featured "Resident Artist" at the Arts Association in Blue Ridge. I will hang somewhere around 25 pieces of artwork in one of their front room galleries for the span of three months (the fourth quarter of 2012).

If Barns Could Talk
There are several other shows that will be going on during this time: (1) Sept. 8 - Oct. 14 -- 2012 National Juried Nature and Fine Art Photography Exhibit (Sept. 8 Reception); (2) Sept. 8 - Oct. 14 -- Pear Street Painters: "Evolation," seven artists from Rome GA; (3) Oct. 13 & 14 -- the Fall Arts In The Park Festival (always fun and great diversity of artists); ... and (4) Oct. 20 - Nov. 9 -- SAAG National Juried Show (Oct. 20 Reception), fantastic art from all over the country. I have three paintings that were accepted into this show!

I am sure I have left out several other nice shows, so be sure to check out their web site and calendar for all the events taking place. Link:

Sumac in Pink
Pastel - Workshop Demo
Our 2nd Annual Open Studio Tour will be held Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This is two hours added to what we did last year ... one hour earlier and one hour later. No tickets are required, but 5% of sales will be donated to charity. As a group we discussed several deserving charities, and decided we would donate to our local animal shelters. Each artist will research the shelters in their area and choose. We will post the shelter name at each location ... and if possible we will post the list on the blog.

We have 26 artists participating at about 12 locations ... and more may be added before the date. There is a page on the blog for the "Artists of Northwest Atlanta" that has a small description for each artist and a link to their web sites or blogs. The blog is still being updated with the listing of the addresses. So check it just before the event for all the latest information and locations.

Now... I will create another post about some of the "other" stuff I am doing (even creating another blog for some art that is not painting!) ... this has become quite a long post. But, I had not posted in a couple of months and the fall is a busy time of the year ... so wanted to let you know some events coming up I hope you will come see!

Stay in touch with me ... and I want to hear what is going on with you.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association Spring Plein Air Festival

Downtown Blue Ridge

Recently I participated in the Spring Plein Air Festival in Blue Ridge GA which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association (BRMAA). We had sixteen artists participate in the event and we painted on April 12, 13 & 15, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It has taken me a few weeks to get this post for the blog done ... Spring is such a busy time of year for artists that participate in plein air festivals. So .... Here are a few shots of locations I painted in, in progress shots of paintings, and also three of the finished pieces.

I spent most of the morning at The Art Center checking in the artists and stamping their paper, panels and canvas. That is always fun... meeting the artists and giving out information about where they can paint and giving out different maps of the Blue Ridge area. Here is a shot of downtown Blue Ridge... which I painted in oil and was not very happy with. This was not one of the paintings I framed and submitted.

On Saturday, several of us decided to paint out Aska Road at Stanley Creek Road... the actual place is Falls Creek Falls. Here are several shots from that morning! The beginning of my pastel painting and the next shot in progress.

Beginning Underpainting
for the Pastel at the waterfall
In progress with some pastel
over the underpainting.
 Also here a few shots of my artist friends that painted along with me: Camille (Candy) Day, Virginia Dauth, Keith Burgess, Helen (Cissie) Jones... and my daughter, Ashley Mize was along also hiking and taking photos.

Several of the artists
along with me at the Fall Creek Falls
Saturday afternoon, we relocated to Mrs. Parks property to paint from an awesome view atop a nice hill. Her property has barns, silo, gravel road, rolling pasture and trees, and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains! The artists along changed also: Joanna Karpay, Karen Margulis, Jayne Bachman, and from the morning, Keith Burgess and Virginia Dauth. It is a wonderful place to paint and I try to paint something from her property... and visit with Ruby Parks ... every Plein Air Festival in Blue Ridge GA.
Oil Painting
"Red Top"
Here is my painting... a 12" x 16" oil painting in the frame... I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the painting before taking it in for the show. What was I thinking... probably about what needed to be done in such a short amount of time. I know you'll forgive me, right?

Sunday morning several of us headed to a home with gardens in the mountains... belonging to Marsha Murphy. It was a real treat to see what she has planned for her property, and how far she has come. Each year she has different flowers along with the perennials, bushes and trees that are the mainstay of her garden. "Murphy" as she likes to be called is well known for her metal sculptures. I could not resist painting one of her dragonfly pieces that was located in the shadows of her front yard... among the trees. Here is a photo of the painting and a couple of her property.
14" x 11" Oil Painting
"Shadow Messenger"

On Sunday, we could submit up to three pieces we created during the event for a show at The Art Center. Sarah Verner, Executive Director of BRMAA judged the entries and awards were given to four artists.
14" x 11" Pastel
"Cool Rocks"
at Fall Creek Falls

These three paintings are on display at "The Art Center" in the Historic Courthouse in downtown Blue Ridge GA ... Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Frequent Question An Artist Gets Asked

Below is a plein air painting I did at Lost Mountain Nursery last year. Because we paint outdoors (en plein air), we must paint rather quickly... the shadows change, which changes the colors and values. People were coming and going... I even had one lady park her rather large SUV right in front of me, blocking the view I was painting. Since this was the first painting in the morning, the angle of the light was changing very quickly. I worked on the trees in the upper part for some time, then I walked to where I could see -- just a few steps -- then walked back to the easel and tried to place a few strokes. Mostly, I was pleased with the study.

We give a false impression of how fast we can paint a painting. As you can see, this painting is very loosely done... just giving an "impression" of the scene. But, I love the freshness of this type of work. I do tell everyone when I paint plein air, I do not go out there to paint with the idea it will be a frameable painting .... this is my classroom and where I go to learn. But, many times they do please me enough to frame it and show it.

I am telling about this particular day because ... as people are walking around you, there is one question that pops up almost every time I paint on location or give a demonstration somewhere.

"Lost Mountain Nursery"
Paste -- 11" x 14"
Watercolor underpainting is showing many places.

“How long did it take you to paint that?”

Here is a wonderful paragraph written by a very fine artist, Becky Joy. I am placing her exact quote from her blog here for you to read. It might give you a little more insight into what an artist really does with their time. Her blog can be found at Becky and the article is "HOW DO YOU MEASURE PRODUCTIVITY AND MANAGE TIME IN YOUR ART BUSINESS?" which was published on May 19, 2011.

"On the business side, I’m working on the computer, blogging, writing newsletters, posting on my website, commenting, Facebooking, twittering, talking to other artists about the internet (the new way of marketing) and researching marketing and ideas. I prepare for ads in magazines and anywhere else I can think of. I search for appropriate shows and prepare applications and CD’s and send money into each one. Then I set those paintings aside and wait to find out if I was accepted. When I have been accepted, I have to box the paintings up, ship them, send the gallery or organizations information, follow up, then wait. I go to plein air events and shows to network with other artists and venues. I send press releases. I talk to designers that I’ve worked with in the past. I try to find or think of any new or innovative ways to market. I ship off paintings that I sell on my website or blog. I talk to clients about commissions, sometimes they come through, sometimes they don’t. Oh, and then there’s the framing, buying and assembling (I buy moulding and have a v-nailer for corners). I deliver paintings. I go to the galleries to check out what is going on in the art world and talk to owners that I know. I prepare for workshops that I teach. I take inventory of supplies and buy before I’m out.

So next time when you ask an artist, “How long did it take you to paint that?” remember there’s a myriad of things that go on with this business behind the scenes just like in any other business."

"Pot House Nursery"
Pastel 12" x 9"
The above is the second painting of that day ... same potting shed, but I decided I saw a hint of pink to the old shed and how the light was hitting it during the later part of the morning. So... I enhanced and pumped up the color. This painting has been framed and is accepted in the Women Painters of the Southeast first show. That show will be in Jacksonville FL and I will attend the receptions on April 27 and 28. One other of my plein air paintings was also accepted, "Willeo Park Misty" which won Best in Show in the Great Chattahoochee Paint Out.   Here is a link to the page with info about the show: Women Painters Of the Southeast 2012 Show Info

So... these two were frameable plein air paintings! Visit my web site "plein air" page to see the Willeo painting, Marsha Hamby Savage Plein Air Page .

I always love to hear your comments ... so let me know what you are thinking or how this might have changed your perception of what an artist does.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marsha Hamby Savage Now in Frameworks Gallery in Marietta GA

Wonderful news, I am now represented by Frameworks Gallery located on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta, GA. The ladies that own this gallery are such friendly and caring people. I have been attending their openings for years ... not every one, but when we are in town and when they are featuring one of my friends!
Country Road
Oil, 14" x 18"

The paintings sprinkled throughout this post are the paintings in Frameworks! "Country Road" is a scene from a photograph I took in the North Georgia area near Gainesville and Lula, GA. I am always attracted to roads and pathways, bends in a creek or river. It contains a mystery for me!
Forest Edge
Oil on Birch Cradled Panel
20" x 16"

I am asked many times "where can I see your work?" Over the last few years, the closest place was Blue Ridge, GA. I had four locations which went out of business in my Atlanta area in the last three to four years. We don't normally allow people to come to our home to view artwork... granted my close friends and patrons are allowed to do so.

I love sending people to the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association and to Wrapsody in Blue ... two places where my art is shown. So, if you are in that area of Georgia, please do stop by them to see my work. Be sure to tell them you are there to see work by Marsha Savage. They will be glad to show you around.
Porch Vision
Pastel, 12" x 16"
So, it is fantastic I can now send local people and visitors to Frameworks Gallery! Here is their information:

Frameworks Gallery
1205 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 110
Marietta, GA 30068
Local 770-973-6701 |

Toll Free: 1-877-841-2554

Directions: We are located in the Woodlawn Square Shopping Center, on Johnson Ferry Road, between Lower Roswell Road and Roswell Road (Hwy. 120) in East Cobb.

Here are some of the other paintings I have at this great gallery! Go by and see them... ask to see Marsha Savage! I would appreciate it.
Cypress Evening
Pastel, 14" x 11"
The Stand
Pastel, 36" x 24"

Rope Mill Rocks
Pastel, 11" x 14"
Georgia Summer
Pastel, 16" x 20"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Competitions, Shows and Events

We are heading into one of the busy seasons for an artist ... spring brings the plein air events and competitions. Factoring these into the regular shows and competitions so time and resources are scheduled is not an easy thing for an artist. We also need to keep producing, keep up with marketing and new ideas, framing and inventory, not to mention normal family life!

Porch Vision
Pastel 12" x 16"
I have been busy moving paintings around in my studio area ... deciding what needs to be taken out of a frame and stored (older work), reusing the frames for upcoming shows and competitions, and to take to the galleries ... and to take to a potential new gallery for their decision.

I have a trip coming up and will be teaching my annual workshop in Florida. This year I will be taking a large commissioned painting down to a patron, a sold painting that was bought on time will be delivered along the way, and another sold painting from my Ireland trip will be delivered to a patron.

Along the Coast - Oil
Ireland Series
Before I leave, I must decide what paintings are being submitted to the Southeastern Pastel Society's International Show this year. When I return, I have to jump on another decision for another show at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association. These are two shows that I always enter and requires looking at the schedules of submission, notification, delivery, receptions and pick up dates .... that is, if I get accepted! Setting aside paintings that are submitted so they are not inadvertently used in another competition, taken to a gallery or sold is important. I always submit my best work to any show ... which means my best paintings are sitting around waiting sometimes for six months or more.

I will be attending the First Plein Air Convention in Las Vegas this spring! This is an exciting opportunity as we get to attend different sessions with very well-known and exciting artists doing demonstrations or discussing aspects of being a professional artist. We will also be painting along with some of the wonderful artists. Another great session will be with Eric Rhoades who planned this event with the Plein Air Magazine ... about marketing. I can't wait! Can you tell I am excited ... and my friend, Candy Day, will be going with me. What fun!

When I return on a Monday flight from Las Vegas, I will turn right around and go to the Callaway Gardens Paint Out that night -- I am an accepted artist for this event. This is a week long event from April 15 - 22. So, if you are able, come watch us paint and attend several showings of the art. Here is one of the paintings I submitted for consideration for this event.

Willeo Park Misty - Pastel
Great Chattahoochee Paint Out
Best in Show - 2010
Just a couple of weeks later, I will be painting in Blue Ridge, GA for the Annual Spring Plein Aire Festival, May 4, 5 & 6 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association has some revamping of the prize money, the entry fees, and the location of the showing! This was in response to an invitation I sent out to last year's participants to give some input into how we could make this event better. Thanks for those of you that answered! First Prize will now be $250 and there are a total of five prizes this year. Entry fee for members is still a good deal -- $15, and non-members is $20. Sign up and join us for a great weekend of painting in a beautiful location. Go to the web site Blue Ridge Plein Aire Festivals and read all about it.

The weekend after that, May 12, we are tentatively schedule for another paint out at the Anderson Creek Retreat in the Ellijay, GA area. We have created a group of plein air artists that are looking for opportunities to paint in the State of Georgia. We did out first paint out last fall at this same location and it was quite successful ... though a little cold! This wonderful retreat asked us to come back in the spring when the wildflowers are in bloom. We are "The Outdoor Painters" and a new web site is in the construction stage at this time. Candy Day and a friend came up with an idea and asked me to come on board to help. I will post more information about us as it becomes available.

Hmmmm.... one more thing ... I am still looking for artists in the Northwest Atlanta area to participate in our "Second Artist Studio Tour" this fall. The date has not been decided yet, so you will have input. Please contact me if your are interested at my e-mail: Remember we are not about "pristine" studios, but actual working studios ... and all different types of art, not just painters.  Well.... it is time to get off the computer and back to work in the studio. Let me hear from you! I'm always interested in what you have to say.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Demonstration and Talk

On Monday evening, this week, I met the Artist Guild of NW Georgia in Dallas, GA and did a simple oil demonstration and talked about how I market myself. The demo was more to keep the attendees from "nodding" off. I know when I go to an artist meeting and all I hear is talk, sometimes it is hard to keep my mind on what is being discussed. I have found the audience is more attentive when there is something going on at the easel!

All my Stuff!
The first photograph shows my digital photo screen I work from, my half-box french easel and all the other stuff ... along with a pastel on the left of the easel, oil painting on the wall, and oil plein air on panel to the right of the screen. There is even a small 4"x4" painting peeking over the white notebook.

I started out by doing a little talk about the digital screen, books I have published of my paintings, the shows I enter, and notebooks with sleeves of all the events, awards, competitions, etc. in them.
The Audience
Book of Paintings
Digital Screen
And Photo
The Pastel Underpainting

I answered questions about how I start with the pastel and alcohol wash even underneath an oil painting. Sometimes I do a watercolor "washy" underpainting, but for the sake of the demo and drying time, I decided to do the alcohol over pastel. Good questions, too!

The Alcohol Wash
Over the Pastel
Don't Forget Thumbnails

Starting with Oil Paint
After the initial covering of the underpainting with big shapes of oil brush strokes, I talked more about marketing. We discussed using our organizations for networking and being involved in them, other web sites to join, how to use social media sites, how to use a blog, etc.

Loading the Brush

There were many good questions about using Facebook also. I was asked did Facebook help me sell anything. My answer: "Yes, probably three or four paintings in the last couple of years. And I feel it is well worth the time I spend, but I am careful of that time." 

Using all these different on-line opportunities helps people learn about you, what you are doing, and also is a good way to give back to the artist community ... not to mention the community in which the artist lives. A question was: "With all the marketing stuff you do, has it helped you to be self-supporting?" Well ..... the answer was "No. But, this economy is part of the issues we face."

That was a good question!
Another item discussed was how two other artists (Deb Cook and Paula Landry) and I started an open studio tour in our Northwest Atlanta area -- we had 11 participants at 9 locations -- ranging from Smyrna, Dallas, West Marietta, Woodstock, and East Marietta. We had several other artists interested in participating, but had a conflict on the Saturday we picked. We will be doing this again this year in the fall and I already know several other artists interested. This is a good way to help people know you are in their area!
Am I a Music Director?
No, just passionate about what I do!

We talked about entering juried shows and competitions. They asked, what is my criteria for entering a show? My answer: "Money, but let me say it is the prestige of the organization or the jurors, also." I told them I am backing off entering too many shows ... though I have never done more than maybe four in a year. So, the answer is probably the best three shows I can find to enter this year. We spend a lot of money entering shows and competitions ... and I said "We get 30 and 40 dollared to death with these entry fees." Be judicious! Do the research into the shows and competitions before you enter them. Figure out why you want to enter a particular show or event. What do you expect to get out of it?
Discussed Making my Marks
The Painterly Beginning
Painting and Talking
During a Break
Talking More About Marketing

There were many things I thought of the next day I wished I had told them. There are so many things we can do to keep ourselves painting and getting our name and work out there. Most of all, my advice was to love what you are doing. Put yourself in the way of as many opportunities as you want, and be friendly. Have some short term goals as well as the long term ones. One other piece of advice I gave was to make "real" connections with potential clients and patrons. Be interested in them. What is it that they want. And I asked the audience: "Who is your client? Who would be interested in your work? That is where you need to be focusing."

I truely enjoy helping other artists. I think I learn more about myself every time I do a demonstration, talk about marketing, do a round table discussion, and ... of course teaching! If you have thoughts, I would love to hear them. Send me an e-mail, or comment to the blog and let me know how you are handling your marketing efforts these days! My e-mail is .

Have a look at my web site -- though it is still being updated! I'm always producing more work ... besides marketing! It is a never ending task -- the updating is what I mean! Happy painting!