Saturday, January 28, 2012

Competitions, Shows and Events

We are heading into one of the busy seasons for an artist ... spring brings the plein air events and competitions. Factoring these into the regular shows and competitions so time and resources are scheduled is not an easy thing for an artist. We also need to keep producing, keep up with marketing and new ideas, framing and inventory, not to mention normal family life!

Porch Vision
Pastel 12" x 16"
I have been busy moving paintings around in my studio area ... deciding what needs to be taken out of a frame and stored (older work), reusing the frames for upcoming shows and competitions, and to take to the galleries ... and to take to a potential new gallery for their decision.

I have a trip coming up and will be teaching my annual workshop in Florida. This year I will be taking a large commissioned painting down to a patron, a sold painting that was bought on time will be delivered along the way, and another sold painting from my Ireland trip will be delivered to a patron.

Along the Coast - Oil
Ireland Series
Before I leave, I must decide what paintings are being submitted to the Southeastern Pastel Society's International Show this year. When I return, I have to jump on another decision for another show at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association. These are two shows that I always enter and requires looking at the schedules of submission, notification, delivery, receptions and pick up dates .... that is, if I get accepted! Setting aside paintings that are submitted so they are not inadvertently used in another competition, taken to a gallery or sold is important. I always submit my best work to any show ... which means my best paintings are sitting around waiting sometimes for six months or more.

I will be attending the First Plein Air Convention in Las Vegas this spring! This is an exciting opportunity as we get to attend different sessions with very well-known and exciting artists doing demonstrations or discussing aspects of being a professional artist. We will also be painting along with some of the wonderful artists. Another great session will be with Eric Rhoades who planned this event with the Plein Air Magazine ... about marketing. I can't wait! Can you tell I am excited ... and my friend, Candy Day, will be going with me. What fun!

When I return on a Monday flight from Las Vegas, I will turn right around and go to the Callaway Gardens Paint Out that night -- I am an accepted artist for this event. This is a week long event from April 15 - 22. So, if you are able, come watch us paint and attend several showings of the art. Here is one of the paintings I submitted for consideration for this event.

Willeo Park Misty - Pastel
Great Chattahoochee Paint Out
Best in Show - 2010
Just a couple of weeks later, I will be painting in Blue Ridge, GA for the Annual Spring Plein Aire Festival, May 4, 5 & 6 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association has some revamping of the prize money, the entry fees, and the location of the showing! This was in response to an invitation I sent out to last year's participants to give some input into how we could make this event better. Thanks for those of you that answered! First Prize will now be $250 and there are a total of five prizes this year. Entry fee for members is still a good deal -- $15, and non-members is $20. Sign up and join us for a great weekend of painting in a beautiful location. Go to the web site Blue Ridge Plein Aire Festivals and read all about it.

The weekend after that, May 12, we are tentatively schedule for another paint out at the Anderson Creek Retreat in the Ellijay, GA area. We have created a group of plein air artists that are looking for opportunities to paint in the State of Georgia. We did out first paint out last fall at this same location and it was quite successful ... though a little cold! This wonderful retreat asked us to come back in the spring when the wildflowers are in bloom. We are "The Outdoor Painters" and a new web site is in the construction stage at this time. Candy Day and a friend came up with an idea and asked me to come on board to help. I will post more information about us as it becomes available.

Hmmmm.... one more thing ... I am still looking for artists in the Northwest Atlanta area to participate in our "Second Artist Studio Tour" this fall. The date has not been decided yet, so you will have input. Please contact me if your are interested at my e-mail: Remember we are not about "pristine" studios, but actual working studios ... and all different types of art, not just painters.  Well.... it is time to get off the computer and back to work in the studio. Let me hear from you! I'm always interested in what you have to say.
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