Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why purchase an original instead of a print or giclee?

Palm View - Oil 7"x5" - Available on Etsy

Are you looking for a small gift that is different, or special in some way? I have some wonderful smaller original paintings. The painting above is a 7"x5" oil and the scene is my version of something I saw in Florida along the coast. It is probably not an exact view, but how I felt when looking past the beautiful palm to water and how the light was affecting all the colors! Every time I walk by it in my studio gallery, I smile... it brings back good memories!

So ... Why buy an original?

I have been told many times by previous clients how much they have enjoyed owning an original. They also tell me how when looking at it at different times, they see something not seen before ... mostly just small nuances in the colors, or a spot they did not realize what the object was. These things mostly are lost in the "printing" process when making a giclee or print.

The original versus the print ... 

Originals have a more saturated amount of color. The print only has the limited amount of colors and values that a "printer" of any kind can have at its disposal!

The original has texture ... the highs and lows of the paint application, or if a pastel, the light refracting ability of the little speckles of pastel... like little prisms! A print cannot capture the feel of an oil or acrylic, or the light refracting capability of the pastel.

Where can you see my work?

I have a website: Marsha Hamby Savage Art ... which can point you also in other directions. I try to keep it updated and am actually now in the process of updating all the pages. The "Studio" page is done, along with the Bio, Events, and Workshops pages. Next I will be working on the Plein Air and the Archive pages.

I will post a few links here for you of other places: my personal Facebook page: Marsha On Facebook  ... and my Art By Marsha Savage "business" page. I have a Pinterest page with "Boards" of my work: Marsha on Pinterest ... and then there are three "brick and mortar" galleries: Frameworks Gallery in Marietta GA, Magnolia Art Gallery in Greensboro GA, the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Assoc. in Blue Ridge GA, and the "on-line" gallery at Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale AZ. I will be updating the Xanadu Gallery site after finishing my own personal one. You can also find me at other on-line galleries: Fine Art America, Daily Paintworks, and Etsy.

So ... you can see... I do try to get my work out there where people can find me and enjoy the work. I have pricing that is always consistent no matter where it is physically located. I do have two structures: "Gallery Ready" and "Studies" ... which means there are paintings for any price range... and hopefully you will find something you can't live without!

If you have any questions, please do contact me... maybe I can help you.