Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pastel Painting in Progress

Yesterday, I posted my wish to start the day with a tree painting. And, I wanted to create something in oil and then one in pastel. In my previous post, you saw the progression of the oil painting. Here is the painting I did in the afternoon / evening in pastel. The scene is from a photo I took in Sudden Valley, Washington -- which is just outside of Bellingham. My friend, Carly Hardy, and I were visiting a friend, Denise Champion, last year in August. She has the most beautiful location to live! They are both wonderful artists, so here are links to their web sites: Denise -- ; and Carly -- .

This June, I went back to visit Denise and take an abstract workshop from Diane Townsend -- the maker of wonderful pastels. The workshop was at Dakota Pastels in La Connor, Washington. I was quite out of my element, but think I might have learned many things. Much of the learning was about art history and abstract art in the past. I believe that after you learn to manipulate the medium, then the next step is to learn what came before you and try to get inside the head of our past master painters!

So here is the progression of the pastel painting.

The painting went through several changes and will sit in the studio for several more days for me to keep it in view for thoughts about what might need changing -- or nothing! And, as always, I appreciate any comments you might have -- or questions.
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