Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Art House in Buckhead

Today, Carly Hardy and I decided we would visit some galleries in the Buckhead (Atlanta) and Marietta GA area. The galleries we visited were Vinings Gallery, The Art House, Lagerquist Gallery, Anne Irwin and the other galleries on Bennett Street along with TULA, and then up to Marietta to visit Frameworks Gallery.

We enjoyed the whole day -- saw many beautiful pieces of art .... and also saw some new artists that we have looked up on the internet to see more of their work. Some wonderful work!!!!

But, this post is about the new gallery we visited in Buckhead .... The Art House. We enjoyed all the art, the jewelry and the owner, Debi Lamb. I think we spent at least an hour just talking! I told Debi I enjoyed it so much, and we would be back .... but I wanted her permission to post something here on my blog about the gallery. I asked if I could copy some the "story" from her web site...... so here is that story.

"As lovers of all things creative, unique and original ~ we wanted to bring art and art lovers together in a warm, inviting and relaxed environment. After many successful years of representing artists for charity events from our carriage house, we knew it was time to find a permanent location. A charming 1938 cottage in the heart of Buckhead found us!

Our "boutique" gallery showcases the works of local and regional artists in all styles and mediums. We represent painters in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor as well as encaustics, collage and mixed media. Potters, ceramists, wood-turners, jewelers, metal-smiths, fiber and glass artisans display their latest creations. Cutting edge photography and sculpture is here. Because we have loved mixing traditional with abstract, wood with clay, photography with fiber in our own home ~ we display the same mix of styles & genres in the gallery. It works!

If you are not on our mail/email list, check out our Contact Page to add your name. For gallery hours/location, check out our Directions Page. We offer our clientele beautiful creations from unique gifts to fabulous fibers to treasured originals. We hope you enjoy the art, the space we created and your experience at the The Art House. Debi and William Lamb"

Here is the link to their web site -- the "About" page:
When you get the chance, please be sure to go visit The Art House and Debi Lamb. You won't be disappointed! The place is warm and cozy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Knowing Richard Schmid

I am reprinting an article I read on the FineArtViews newsletter! I thought it particularly important for many of my artist friends to understand how we help each other! Enjoy reading and I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave some comments. And .... Visit the FineArtViews newsletter and sign up. You'll thank yourself. It is the best newsletter out there (along with Robert Genn)!
-------------------- Article ---------------
On Knowing Richard Schmid

by Lori Woodward

Today's Post is by Lori Woodward, Regular contributing writer for FineArtViews. She also writes "The Artist's Life" blog on American Artists' Forum. Lori is a member of The Putney Painters, an invitational group that paints under the direction of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik. Find out how you can be a guest author.

I get more than a few requests from artists - wanting to know how to get an invitation to the Putney Painters. I usually explain what the truth is; I have no power with Richard Schmid or Nancy Guzik. In fact, I'm fortunate to have my own place in this group. I was invited permanently after two years of teaching workshops and classes at Village Arts. In my experience, artists get invited after having been guest artists for 3 or more years. My guess is that Richard will eventually bow out of showing up. It's amazing to me that we meet even if he doesn't attend.

The bad news is that it's a closed group and everyone who has been a guest over the years either knows Richard or Nancy personally or knows one of their closer friends in the group. Many are hopeful there will be a spot for them in the future, but that hope rarely comes to fruition. My guess is that artists see how Richard's fellow painters have gone on to being able to make a living as an artist, get into big-name galleries and show up in magazine articles.

The good news: Richard has never made a single recommendation for any of Putney artists to a gallery, show, or otherwise. He simply has nothing to do with helping us market our work -- so, you're not missing out on a recommendation. But still, you're wondering... why do Richard's group painters so often hit the big time?

Because he teaches us the essentials of making quality representational art. Another fact that is not widely known: These aren't classes, workshops or otherwise. He just invites a few of his friends to paint along with him several times a year. He enjoys the company. We all share the cost of the building, heat, model fees, and food... except that Carol Arnold often bakes a chocolate cake or brownies.

The most enjoyable part of being in the Putney Painters (I call them the PP's), is the long term relationships that I've gained with the other painters. We're truly friends and fellow supporters. Even though Richard doesn't help our career efforts, many times we help each other. I've learned as much from Rosemary Ladd and Kathy Anderson - just by painting by their side.

So... what does this mean for you? It is an example of what can be done when like-minded artists meet to paint together informally. Information about opportunities are shared, there is mutual art instruction, visits to museums, and even painting trips. We PP's do all these things even when Richard and Nancy aren't around. We get together in other cities at shows too. The glue that holds us together is our mutual support and encouragement. We each compete with ourselves, not with each other. When one of us wins an award or gets an article in a magazine, we all celebrate. Jealousy is absent.

There's nothing stopping you from doing the same thing. The best groups have a couple of successful, knowledgible artists who are willing to share their experience with the others. The groups work when all the people who attend are serious about becoming the best they can be. While painting, the PP's are not allowed to talk much. I do have a habit of talking - especially when I paint next to Rosemary (Roladd). Richard will often turn his head toward us, breaking forth with a deep, crisp QUIET! If Kathy Anderson and I start harmonizing to The Boxer, Richard will change the CD.

There is much to be gained from a small group of friends who paint in a similar way. You can meet at a studio regularly - having a model or bringing your own still life set ups. You can plan painting trips. Did you know that a number of plein air painters (some well known) regularly plan several paint outs in beautiful locations? If you all get along well enough, you can name your group and hold your own exhibits.

I believe the wave of the future for artists to learn is by sharing information, and helping each other - for free. That's what Richard does for the few of us and he expects us to carry the torch of information onto the next generation of artists. Some of us who like to teach are doing just that.

Richard isn't the only artist in this world who knows the science behind art and seeing. There are many others. If you can't put your time and money into studying at an Atelier, there are plenty of books to teach you. For example, the best two "classic" books for landscape painting are written by John F. Carlson and Edgar Payne. They're not easy reading and definitely not for the Sunday Painter, but they are cherished by well known landscape painters as the very best learning tools.

So I leave you with this fact. Hanging on a famous artist's coattails will not do anything for your art career because, It's not Who You Know, It's What You Know - and how you put that knowledge to use.


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I hope you enjoyed and gain much from this article.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mentoring and Open Studio Sessions in Smyrna GA

I have decided I will have what I am calling "Open Studio" and these will be a studio painting session or a mentoring session. I will put a calendar out for the days I will be in the studio painting, organizing, marketing, or something to do with art. On any of these days, you can come -- you can just show up. Or, if you have a particular need, call or e-mail in advance. On the days I am "in studio" you are welcome to paint along with me, talk about specific painting problems, discuss ways to raise your level, talk about marketing, etc. You can paint in pastel, oil, acrylic, draw, sketch, study books, or whatever you want help with. The session will cost you only $25 for how ever long you stay that day. I will be open for students from 10:00 until 4:00.

Most times it will not be the same days each week -- they will vary. And, I have already had some previous students ask about coming sometime on a night or Saturday -- they do work a normal daytime job! I have said I will definitely work something out, just ask!

You can decide to come on any day I say "Studio Day"! You can taylor sessions to your own schedule. And, if for some reason something is keeping me out of the studio on a particular "Studio Day", I will send an e-mail to everyone at least the day before -- such as getting sick, or some type of emergency. I won't change a day just because some one calls and says "want to go to lunch today?" or something of that type. I am committed to being in my studio painting or doing something art related on those days I say I will!

So . . . you can decide to come one day and skip a week and then another day ...... whatever suits your schedule! Most times I would expect there would maybe only be one or two students ... much like a private lesson! But I will be working along with you . . . or we will be studying how to market, or what you need to be doing to raise the level of your work!

If you are a potential new student, then you must e-mail me to take advantage of this opportunity. I need to talk to you about your art, ask questions to see if you can benefit from this type of teaching -- most people can. But, I have had a student in the past say I was not structured enough for them .... so not everyone can benefit from all teaching styles. I will only put out my schedule by e-mail to those on my list .... so .... here is my e-mail ....

I have had my first student of the year and we had such a great time doing oil color charts. She had been so frustrated trying to mix various colors to match what she saw and wanted to put down on the canvas. When she started doing the most elemental charts, she was amazed and said "This is just what I needed! I never knew." She has her homework to do several more charts, and will bring them in next time. Sometimes a class that meets every week is not what a student needs .... so I have decided to try something new! And, it forces me to be in my studio!

Be sure to read the newest Pastel Journal -- Feb. 2011 -- for an article featuring four regional artists. I am the featured artist for the Southeast -- and if I do say so, it is a good looking article. Two full pages of discussion about what inspires me and how I go about my art..... and two paintings of creeks to show you!

Mossy Creek - Pastel
One of paintings in the Pastel
Journal article!

AND ..... There will be a "framing" workshop scheduled at my home -- so if you are interested, please e-mail me. I held one last year and it was a huge success and several students that could not attend have asked me to do anther one.

I have been teaching in Smyrna for about eight years, previously at Concord Gallery and for about a year and a half before that at the Mable House located between Smyrna and Mableton, GA. The Concord Gallery closed its doors just before Thanksgiving in 2004, so I have been holding classes with the City of Smyrna at their Community Center located in downtown Smyrna on Atlanta Road. It was time to try a different format for teaching, a little more student friendly, and now my home!

E-mail me at to talk to me about what you want to do in art. If you need to discuss anything by phone, I'll send you the phone number by private e-mail.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Date Change for Woodstock Show

My apologies, but the dates for the show in Woodstock at Ann Litrel Studio have been changed.

The new dates are: open of show-- Jan. 21, and close of show-- Feb. 28. The First Friday Night Live is the official reception for the show and the artists will be there -- date is the same -- Friday, Feb. 4, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

The rest of the information in the previous blog post are correct! Thanks!

Sunflower Potting Shed
Pastel -- 11" x 14"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Shows Coming Up: Canton and Woodstock, GA

This is a copy of what I just sent out in a newsletter to as many of my e-mail contacts as possible. I have a site on Fine Art America and they offer the ability to sent newsletters. It is a wonderful and easy thing to use. If you are an artist, check out joining their site. I basically use it for another advertising venue!
So . . . here is a copy of what I sent:

Canton and Woodstock GA Shows for Marsha Savage

I am combining the information for two shows into this one newsletter! Both of these shows will be worth attending -- wonderful artists and art!!!!
Rocky Path
Pastel - 12" x 9"

Show #1:

North Georgia Artists' Association

Cherokee Arts Center
Reception: Sat., Jan. 8, 2011
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Cherokee Arts Center will be hosting a show of the North Georgia Artists' Association. This talented artist group has come together again for a showing of some of their best artwork. Please join us at the Opening Reception on Saturday, January 8, 2011 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The show runs until February 4.

Cherokee Arts Center Mission Statement:
To enrich the quality of life by promoting, developing, and coordinating excellence in the Arts.

Cherokee Arts Center
94 North Street
Canton, GA 30114
Call: 770.704.6244

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10am-4pm

To find the Arts Center:
From I-575, take Exit 19 to downtown Canton. The Arts Center is just north of the town square and adjacent to the Cherokee County Court House. Parking is available in the lot just in front of the building.

Marsha Hamby Savage is a juried member of this group of hard working artists. Make plans to attend the reception and meet Marsha and other members of the North Georgia Artists' Association. If you can't make the reception, be sure to make a trip to Canton, GA and the Art Center to view some of the best artwork in Georgia.

Show #2:

Ann Litrel Studio, Woodstock GA
Five Georgia Artists

Old and Forgotten
Pastel - 16" x 20"
Show Dates: Fri., Jan. 7 - Feb. 10, 2011
1st Friday Night Live, Feb. 4, 2011, 6:00-8:00 PM

Ann Litrel Studio is located in downtown Woodstock, GA -- upstairs and above the bicycle shop. Damon Carter, Bill Davidson, Ann Litrel, Tracy Snyder and myself are contributing recent or favorite pieces of representational art for this show. This is a talented group of artists and I am honored to be asked to show with them! Please come to Woodstock anytime during the show dates ... but you could join the artists at the First Friday Night Live on February 4, 2011 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The show runs until February 10.

Ann Litrel Studio:
8594 Main Street, 2nd floor, above Outspokin' Bicycles
Woodstock, GA 30188

For open hours and more information call 770-517-3060

Directions from Atlanta:
Take 75 North to Exit 268/ 575 North
Take 575 North to Exit 8/Towne Lake Parkway
Go right on Towne Lake Parkway toward downtown Woodstock
Drive 0.6 miles and turn right at traffic light on Main Street
Ann Litrel Art is on your right, above Outspokin’ Bicycles,
very close to the light.

Parking: on Main Street in front of the studio

Alternative parking before you reach Main Street:
Turn right immediately after the red brick building which houses a new cafe, just before reaching Main Street. Park in the lot behind the studio. There are also large parking lots on the right and left (behind the church) at 0.5 miles after turning off 575.

Alternative parking after you reach Main Street: And after crossing the railroad track, turn right and a public parking is on your left just past the hardware store.

Cypress Evening - Pastel Painting

Let me know if you wish to be taken off my e-mail list. I also would appreciate your mentioning my shows to your friends! You also might enjoy reading my blog -- not an everyday thing, but probably once or twice a week at most!

Thanks for your support.

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