Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mentoring and Open Studio Sessions in Smyrna GA

I have decided I will have what I am calling "Open Studio" and these will be a studio painting session or a mentoring session. I will put a calendar out for the days I will be in the studio painting, organizing, marketing, or something to do with art. On any of these days, you can come -- you can just show up. Or, if you have a particular need, call or e-mail in advance. On the days I am "in studio" you are welcome to paint along with me, talk about specific painting problems, discuss ways to raise your level, talk about marketing, etc. You can paint in pastel, oil, acrylic, draw, sketch, study books, or whatever you want help with. The session will cost you only $25 for how ever long you stay that day. I will be open for students from 10:00 until 4:00.

Most times it will not be the same days each week -- they will vary. And, I have already had some previous students ask about coming sometime on a night or Saturday -- they do work a normal daytime job! I have said I will definitely work something out, just ask!

You can decide to come on any day I say "Studio Day"! You can taylor sessions to your own schedule. And, if for some reason something is keeping me out of the studio on a particular "Studio Day", I will send an e-mail to everyone at least the day before -- such as getting sick, or some type of emergency. I won't change a day just because some one calls and says "want to go to lunch today?" or something of that type. I am committed to being in my studio painting or doing something art related on those days I say I will!

So . . . you can decide to come one day and skip a week and then another day ...... whatever suits your schedule! Most times I would expect there would maybe only be one or two students ... much like a private lesson! But I will be working along with you . . . or we will be studying how to market, or what you need to be doing to raise the level of your work!

If you are a potential new student, then you must e-mail me to take advantage of this opportunity. I need to talk to you about your art, ask questions to see if you can benefit from this type of teaching -- most people can. But, I have had a student in the past say I was not structured enough for them .... so not everyone can benefit from all teaching styles. I will only put out my schedule by e-mail to those on my list .... so .... here is my e-mail ....

I have had my first student of the year and we had such a great time doing oil color charts. She had been so frustrated trying to mix various colors to match what she saw and wanted to put down on the canvas. When she started doing the most elemental charts, she was amazed and said "This is just what I needed! I never knew." She has her homework to do several more charts, and will bring them in next time. Sometimes a class that meets every week is not what a student needs .... so I have decided to try something new! And, it forces me to be in my studio!

Be sure to read the newest Pastel Journal -- Feb. 2011 -- for an article featuring four regional artists. I am the featured artist for the Southeast -- and if I do say so, it is a good looking article. Two full pages of discussion about what inspires me and how I go about my art..... and two paintings of creeks to show you!

Mossy Creek - Pastel
One of paintings in the Pastel
Journal article!

AND ..... There will be a "framing" workshop scheduled at my home -- so if you are interested, please e-mail me. I held one last year and it was a huge success and several students that could not attend have asked me to do anther one.

I have been teaching in Smyrna for about eight years, previously at Concord Gallery and for about a year and a half before that at the Mable House located between Smyrna and Mableton, GA. The Concord Gallery closed its doors just before Thanksgiving in 2004, so I have been holding classes with the City of Smyrna at their Community Center located in downtown Smyrna on Atlanta Road. It was time to try a different format for teaching, a little more student friendly, and now my home!

E-mail me at to talk to me about what you want to do in art. If you need to discuss anything by phone, I'll send you the phone number by private e-mail.
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