Monday, December 8, 2008

New Oil painting by Alter Ego - Helena!

I haved started my second experimental painting using my alter ego name of "Helena". I wanted to play a little bit and felt that if some of these experiments should turn out to be "frameable" -- then I would not want to confuse my patrons and potential clients with a different style, should I decide to place them in one of my galleries for sale.

Here is the first shot of the painting in progress. I have toned the canvas a warm light peach, and started with the scrubbing process I wanted to use for the trees. I have used several different colors for the dark area and have left them very thin. I then started placing the pinks in the distant field -- and those strokes are somewhat thicker.
I think it is finished, and I will post the second in-progress shot next. I will have to take another photo on Wednesday of the painting as it is now. But . . . I always like to let them "meditate" for a few days, or week or so, before it tells me it is finished (or not)!
This one is a little different from the first "alter ego" painting that is a "cubist" approach. I am thoroughly enjoying painting in a somewhat different style from my main work. They are terribly different, but enough that I thought it would be more "play" than work!
Tell me what you think?