Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More From Ann Templeton and Ghost Ranch Workshop

We had such a wonderful time at Ann Templeton’s workshop at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Here are a few more of my paintings from the workshop. Now, be sure to remember I am posting them with no editing to the paintings. These are exactly as I did them in the workshop --- the bad ones, the okay ones, and even one or two that I really like.

Day Two - Third Painting, Oil
At the Casitas

Day Three - Chama River, Oil

Day Three - Chama River, Oil

 The Chama River day of painting, I produced three paintings, but I am only showing you two of them. The first one is kind of light and would not show up very well in the blog. It is a similar scene to the one above, but a little "tighter" in the style that is more of what I would have done before the Templeton workshop. Again, the Chama River is something that Georgia O'Keefe painted in many ways -- of course, very abstract most of the time.

Day Four - Painting No. One, Pastel
At Log Cabin on Ghost Ranch

These two paintings are from day four, and at the "Log Cabin" which is on the road as you are driving into Ghost Ranch. I decided to do pastel paintings on this day. I was far away from Ann and when I finished the first one, I trapsed over to the cabin where she was in the shade to get her review of it. She looked up at me and smiled and said "This is beautiful. I would not change a thing."

I also found out at that moment, Irby Brown had just stopped by and spoken to Ann. He was not introduced to anyone since he and a friend were in a hurry. I was devastated because he is one of my all-time favorite painters. We had just looked at his work in Santa Fe at a gallery, and if I had the money, I would have come out of that gallery with one of his paintings! Oh well, Ann said she would try to introduce me to him sometime in the future. Sounded good to me.
Day Four - Painting No. Two, Pastel
At Log Cabin on Ghost Ranch


Day Five - Last Day, Painting No. One, Oil
The next painting was done on the last day and at a place they call "High Ropes". This is a suspended playground area of ropes you can climb, swing from one to another, etc. The view was beautiful in any direction we looked. By the time we set up, it was getting later in the morning, and I was not able to finish this one before we were called to lunch. We had a critique session after lunch. By then another class had invaded the "High Ropes" and we could not return there. So, unfinished it stays.

I painted two 5"x7" paintings from the front of our room in the "Tumbleweed" group of rooms. The intent was to stay simple, and I think I did manage to do so somewhat.

Day Five - Oil, 5"x7"
Last Day, Painting No. Two

Day Five - Oil, 7"x5"
Last Day, Painting No. Three
Ann was so good with all the students. She seemed to recognize exactly what each student needed. She was very complementary to me, which put me on the “hot seat” with the other students. Her words were on the first evening when we met, “Marsha is a wonderful and talented artist.” Okay, now, how was she going to help me be even a better artist? Her most encouraging words were something similar to, “learn to simplify, it is easy! When you finally can do that it will feel easy.” So, I am still struggling a little with the simplification. And . . . this is also what I tell my students! So, how am I not able to do it myself? Any ideas?

Here are a few digital photos from Ghost Ranch. Hope you enjoy the view of what we were seeing while staying there.

One of our views at Ghost Ranch

Ann Templeton and her first demo

View of some of the buildings
of Ghost Ranch

Can you believe this view?
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