Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The First Days in Sedona

So now the story moves on to our arrival in Sedona and the first days of painting here! On our first day, we had a great time – Wanda, Candy, Denise and I. Here is my first painting from the Sedona stay! Again, remember it is untouched after leaving the painting location and has all its faults and also its good stuff! It seems that my plein air ability is a little non-existent at this time. I think the study with Ann Templeton was wonderful, but it has given me too many things to think about. I've now the need to get back to "who is Marsha Savage?" and paint like me!

Near Cathedral Rock at Crescent Moon Park
On the evening of our second day, Virginia (Ginny) Dauth arrived! We now were complete with our original five artist friends for the stay here. But, not everyone is getting to stay the full month. Denise left on Saturday after a week in Sedona -- because she will have been gone from her home in Bellingham, WA for almost a month. She had a previous week or more in California at a Women’s Conference and the week at Ghost Ranch before arriving here. And as I have done, she also drove, which adds about 4 days travel time to each end of her journey.

Then, a friend of Ginny’s (Chriss with two “ss’s) arrived on Saturday for a stay of one week with us. We painted and we did some sightseeing. We went to Jerome, and also to the Grand Canyon on two of our days.

Here are a few more of my paintings from the first two weeks of our stay. Some okay, some will be scraped off, some will be saved as resource material for paintings done in the studio. Maybe I will have a few that can make it to a frame for showing or selling.

Abstracted Rocks at Cathedral Rock
Oil, 12"x9"

View from Schnebly Hill - Oil, 5"x7"

Looking Up at Schnebly Hill
Oil, 11"x14"

Here is a watercolor underpainting for a small piece I did across the road from the home we are renting on Chavez Ranch Road. And the next image is the finished pastel. It is a 7" x 5" pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord.

Of course, I reserve the right to correct an item in the painting or add a highlight or accent spot!

The finish of the pastel on Chavez Ranch Road
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