Saturday, August 30, 2014

Smyrna Fine Art Show #2 Being Planned

Marsha Savage Paintings
Last April, the Taylor-Brawner House was the scene of Smyrna's "Park With Art" fine art show. There were 14 artists represented that had a "Smyrna Connection" in some way. The show ran for 10 days with a very well attended reception on Friday evening. Over 250 people that attended the three hour reception... and during the week, 500 more people signed the book! We know, because there was a guest book we asked people to sign. And, as we all know, not everyone will sign the guest book.

This was not just a show... this was a sales opportunity for the artists that participated. The painters provided 70-plus paintings to be hung on the walls. And, we had one three-dimensional artist who provided wood turned art! Most artists did sell some of their work. During the week, they were also allowed to bring in a basket with smaller works, or provide small decorative table easels to display a few smaller pieces.
Wanda Crane & Sonya Ingle - Sisters!

April 10 - 19, 2015 -- Save the Dates! 

The "steering committee" met to discuss the past show and start plans for next year's show. We will have a reception again on Friday evening. The show will open on Saturday, April 11, and continue thru the following week, and the last day will be Sunday, April 19. The times for the show will stay essentially the same as this year. The Taylor-Brawner Historic Home will again be the scene of this show. In the future, we may have to decide if there is a venue that will allow us to grow the number of artists more. We made the decision to "not" grow too fast too quickly.

Sonya Ingle, Paula Landry,
Ronnie Offen

Who Can Participate?

We discussed growing the show and decided to increase the number of artists invited to 20 from the original 14. Those original artists will have first right of refusal to participate. From what I have heard from most of them ... "yes, we definitely are interested in doing it again!"

For any remaining spots, there will be a committee to review applications and invitations will be issued. And, there was resounding response to keeping this a professional quality artist show of fine art in a variety of styles and mediums. We are interested in keeping this a local/regional show. The artists should be living and working in the Cobb and surrounding counties, metropolitan Atlanta area, or North Georgia area.
Virginia Dauth & Julie Gudger

Artists accepted are asked to be present at the reception and to sign up for sitting the show along with the volunteers arranged by the Taylor Brawner Foundation... if possible. Demonstrations are encouraged! We will also provide the list of artists and dates to the public so people can plan who they want to see and talk to during the days of the show. This past show, it was a big hit with the public to see and talk to the artists during the week and at the reception.

Inquires from artists to participate can come to me and I will forward them on to the selection committee. I will respond with an initial list of what you need to submit to be considered.

Virginia Dauth & Claire Curtis
Barbara Kincaid

Sarah Monsour, Dick Yarbrough
& Richard Herklotz (wood bowls)
Deb Cook
Karen Margulis

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How do you feel about selling your art? Part 3!

Late Valley Light - Pastel, 5"x7"
Purchase Originals, Prints or Cards 

Where would you show a small 5x7 painting?

I talked about selling through galleries in my last post. I have taken a few small paintings to my gallery in Marietta, and there have been a few at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association in Blue Ridge, GA. But, keep in mind... these are a rather lower price painting, and the gallery will not make much money on selling these small pieces. They enjoy having a few, but will try harder (most likely) to sell things they can make a little more money for their time and overhead!

So, how about putting these small gems in an on-line gallery or through your blog posts or newsletters ... something that is easy for you as the artist to pack and ship if the client does not live in your area? Sell these yourself! If someone wants a larger piece after purchasing a small piece and getting to know you, then you can send them to your brick and mortar gallery if you have one. I think this makes way more sense.

Are you in an on-line gallery or have been looking at one? Fine Art America is a good place to start with their free version. There are many more you can look for or may have heard about. Also Pinterest and Facebook (a business page, not your personal one) can be good places to show a small piece of art. These two social media sites can be used an on-line gallery. You just have to be a little more discreet on Facebook, and you have to do all the promotion for both of them ... and really for Fine Art America, also. These three are easy places to sell your smaller artwork... leaving your larger pieces for the brick and mortar gallery if that is one of your plans ... to be in a gallery, that is!

How do you sell through these alternative sites?

As I mentioned above, you will have to do the promotion for these alternative sites. Just listing them will not bring your clients! That means doing a blog that will point people to those sites, sharing the blog post on Facebook, posting the paintings to your Pinterest boards and talking about them with a link to it in your blog, on Facebook, and in your newsletters.

To help you, join Etsy and create your own shop! Here you can list them for sale, and then you will have a link that can be inserted into your blog, or posted on your facebook page, or under the image on your Pinterest board. Instead of saying "Buy Now"... use what was told to me... a discreet link instead of the in-your-face sell, sell, sell words! A discreet link under your image might say, "Purchase through Etsy" or some similar, less offensive "sales" pitch, and make it a link that takes the person to that Etsy site.

My link under the painting above will take a client to the Fine Art America site and that particular painting!