Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Southeastern Pastel Society Reception

Last week was a very busy week in my art world! On Thursday, we went to Gainesville, GA to the Quinlan Visual Arts Center for the Southeastern Pastel Society Members' Juried Exhibition. Out of 257 paintings submitted by 97 artists, Marc Hanson chose 100 paintings. I am not sure how many artists were represented. Marc is a fantastic and nationally known artist and has been featured in many art magazines.

I was fortunate to have two paintings chosen for this exhibition: "Rocky Ravine" and "Cypress Dance." My painting Rocky Ravine was also chosen for a "Merit Award!" Happy day and also an honor ... as there were many beautiful paintings in this show. Our member show rivals our international shows ... they are alternating ... one year we have a "members' show" and the next year we have an "international show."

Here is my winning painting:

Rocky Ravine
Pastel - 24" x 18"
Merit Award Winner
The painting was done from a photograph taken near Monteagle, TN at a wonderful park ... Fiery Gizzard! What a name, right? I did take liberties with the photo, as the scene was quite dark with trees hanging over the distant part of the creek. I decided I wanted some sky and light coming more vividly through. I opened it up and created the light on those distant trees.

Cypress Dance
Pastel - 24"x20"

Here is the other painting accepted into the show ...
I added fine pumice gel to a gatorboard surface, which made the brush strokes show and created quite a rough surface for adding the pastel. I think it adds to the painting when you are up close and looking at the strokes!

Here is a shot of me with Marc Hanson and my painting! And, below are several other shots at the reception.
Ronnie Offen and her
prize winning painting!

Sylvia and Randy Eidson
His painting to his left

And more of the crowd!
In the center of the photo
My Mom (Betty Hamby) and
Haywood (my husband)

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended a workshop given by our judge, Marc Hanson. I have known him online for about 10 years or more. What a treat to get to meet him in real life. The workshop was great fun, but really hard work. I will do another blog post about the workshop ... loads to show you!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Underpainting and Almost Finished Painting

Here are two shots of my painting on the easel ... from my travel to Wexford Ireland for the Art In The Open Plein Air Festival. This is a 14" x 11" on an Ampersand Pastelboard which was a "grey" one before the alcohol wash.

The first is the underpainting I did with pastel and alcohol. Just had started putting pastel on top at the top of the buildings in the sky -- the warmth at the bottom of the sky. Then I have where I was when I stopped late yesterday afternoon. Today I will go back to the studio and have a "fresh" look and try to determine what needs a little "fixing!"

This is about the fourth painting from my plein air pieces and photographs. Having a great time painting these and remembering being there!

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Trip to Ireland

I just returned from a plein air festival in Wexford Ireland ... Art In The Open! What a wonderful place to visit and the artists that put on this festival really worked hard. The people we met were the friendliest people I think I have ever encountered on any trip I have taken!

Here is a link to a fantastic video they produced: Art In The Open Video "" . It is about a 10 minute video I think, but it gives a great idea about what this festival was about.

Here I am painting and almost finished at the "Quick Draw" and showing the painting with the view. This painting was awarded an "Owner's Award" which was an honor. The quick draw was a horn to start, two hours of painting from start to finish and the horn again to stop! Then they lined up all the easels and paintings along one street to be judged and also for the town people to be able to see! It was great fun.

The painting is a pastel on a Raymar Featherlite panel (which has canvas on it), but I coated it twice with Golden Fine Pumice Gel so I could then do the pastel on it. The size is 8" x 10". This painting is also one I decided to put into the show for the festival ... and it is still over in Ireland in the show along with two other pastel painting.

I'll post more later!