Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Who Likes Paintings of Western Scenes?

We just returned from a trip to Albuquerque for the IAPS convention (International Association of Pastel Societies)... driving out from the Atlanta area. And, I took many photos and painted on location in a few places ... so the question is what to do with those paintings and the ones to come in the studio? I am looking for the best way to find potential clients ... especially here in our Eastern states!

The sightseeing part of the trip

This is quite a long post ... I thought many of the photos quite interesting. Our first stop for the night was Little Rock AR ...
Somewhere in Arkansas
Again, Arkansas
driving to Elk City OK ...
On the road .. cloudy!
Flat land and cows!
After the tornado!
thru Texas ...
prairie and small arroyo!
Dropping down toward plains and more prairie
to Santa Rosa NM ...
The Pecos River
The Mission in Puerto de Luna and
Billy the Kid played around here!
On now to Santa Fe NM...
Haywood going up Canyon Road
in Santa Fe for a few galleries!
Meyer Gallery at Canyon Road, and
Kent Lovelace is a favorite of mine!
 and then to Albuquerque ... 
Old Town Albuquerque...
Fantastic place to visit!

We left Albuquerque after the convention, on our way to the Denver CO area, Littleton to be exact ... for me to teach a workshop at the Terry Ludwig Pastels shop.... and drove the High Road to visit Taos NM for a couple of days ...
We kept getting closer to one of the fires
above Santa Fe ... but skirted it!
One valley high up in the high desert!

Just before we started the last part
of the drive down to Taos.
We stayed at a fantastic Bed & Breakfast in Taos and visited the Rio Grande Gorge just out of town...
After a long walk from the bridge,
what a view back toward it!
And another view from the bridge
.... and then the ride through northern NM and southern CO to Littleton. When we left Littleton after the workshop which was very successful (and another blog post), we drove I-70 East through Colorado and Kansas to Kansas City area for the night. Then one more day and night into Arkansas to Jonesboro AR. The next day it was to our home... going from Jonesboro AR, through Memphis TN, Mississippi, Alabama into the Atlanta GA area. Whew ... three days and two nights from Denver CO to Smyrna GA!