Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Paintings Are Hanging!

So sorry I did not have time while painting these pieces for the hospital to keep up with my blog. I was working 10 - 12 hours each day to get these paintings done. Although I did stop at many intervals to document each one as I was working on it.

Here are photos we took last Thursday while attending the reception/unveiling of the new North Tower at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, GA -- which was an invitation only event for the donors, staff and artists. Getting to see the paintings hung in such a beautiful facility was very nice. They did look different than seeing them in my crowded studio!

My paintings are located on the Second Floor Elevator Lobby. This is also the Surgical Floor and the waiting room for patients is here at the Elevator Lobby. When you step off the elevator, this it the painting you see immediately in front of you.

This is a triptych painting, "The Ballet: Ballet of the Boulders". All the paintings are 44" tall and on cradled wood panels. These panels are 22" wide each -- creating a painting that is 66". Of course, you can see there are a couple of inches between each panel also. This creek is Little River near Woodstock, GA, at Rope Mill Park.

The next one is also a triptych painting, "The Waltz: Dance of the Nickajack". After stepping off the elevator, this one is to your right. As I said, the panels are 44" tall and these are each 24" wide. This creates a painting 72" wide, plus the addition of the inches between the panels. This creek is Nickajack Creek located near Smyrna, GA, in the Historic Concord Covered Bridge area.

There are two single panel paintings also -- which are to the left as you step off the elevator. One is on the wall with the elevators as you can see in the photo. This painting is 36" wide and named, "The Disco: You Should be Dancing the Fiery Gizzard!". This next photo is the last single panel, "The Shag: Rock 'n Roll On the Nickajack", which is 30" wide.

I know this is not the greatest shot of the painting, but it does give you an idea of what the paintings look like hanging in the lobby. They are located where many people will get to enjoy viewing them. They have also installed wonderful lighting for each painting, and a very nice lucite covered label with the title of the painting, what it is painted on, and my name and where I live. I could not have asked for better marketing for my work!

The public can go in and see the paintings, I would assume you would just need to stop at the information desk in the first floor lobby and let them know you wish to view the artwork. Be sure to let me know if you did get to see them.