Monday, July 26, 2010

Oil Painting In Progress

Today, I posted on Facebook that I felt like painting trees. I challenged others to post what they were doing or paint trees today with me. Several have responded they were either painting something with trees, or would. And I had one friend say she was making steel leaves and did that count. Why not, I said. And,  I told them I would post on the blog and it will post to Facebook.

I wanted to start with an oil painting since I have some paint on my palette. Then I wanted to do a pastel. Well, I did not get started until about 11:30 a.m. and have just now quit on the oil painting. Like most artists, I need someone to tell me to stop. After this post, I will go start a pastel painting. We shall see how far I get!

Here are the photos I have taken at various stages of the painting. The painting is a 9x12 on an Ampersand Gesso Board -- quite a slick surface, but this is what I use when I am plein air painting. I have decided I am not real fond of the "laid" look of canvas. I think I will be trying some linen that is a little finer weave to see how I like that. Okay, to the photos!

So there are seven shots of the painting in progress . . .

 now you tell me what you think! I look forward to hearing some comments.

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