Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Left Panel at stage #3

So . . . here is the left panel and where I have added more of the bluish green to the shadow portion of the trees. I have also painted out the trunk in the middle panel -- which you can see. I was not liking the shape of this tree -- so I will change the angle of it at some point.

I like some of the masses, but it is beginning to look a little bit funny because of the "bands" of color. The shapes are not really very interesting which is one of the things I talk about quite often in my classes.

Here is the middle panel before I painted out the trunk. Gives you an idea why I did not like it.
I am also trying to build up the undergrowth beneath the taller trees. At some point I will be trying to put in "air" holes -- which will show some of what could be trees or growth that is in the background.
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