Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am in the beginning stages of creating four oil paintings for a hospital -- a commission that will be installed in the middle of March. Two of the paintings are divided into three panels each -- called a triptych. This photo shows the cradled wood panels as I start putting a finish on them. After this dries I put three coats of gesso on the panels and each of the sides.

I have started the underpainting of the first painting -- one of the triptych paintings. These are all scenes of creeks that I have painted already in pastel. They will be based on the original pastels, but not an exact replica. The scene will be the same, and the style and colors. I am free to make changes as long as I stay with the concept of the pastel painting.

The second photo shows the first part of the underpainting process. I'll post the progress shots as I can.
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