Sunday, November 21, 2010

Windrush Gallery in Sedona AZ

Canyon at Ghost Ranch
Oil, 11" x 14"
It has now been just a little over a week since I returned home from the longest art trip I have ever taken! And it was a very successful trip . . . many paintings and good times . . . and the best news . . . I am now represented by a wonderful gallery in Sedona! Please have a look at their web site, Windrush Gallery, the best one in my opinion in Sedona. Their artists are mostly representational -- many plein air (outdoor) and studio artists you read about in our best art magazines. I feel honored to be included in such wonderful company!

Grasshopper Point
Oil, 10" x 8"

Wanda Crane and I spent four days driving out to Ghost Ranch for a workshop with Ann Templeton, and my friend Denise Chamption joined us in Santa Fe the day before. After the workshop, the three of us drove to Canyon de Chelly for a night and day, hired a wonderful Indian guide to tour the Canyon and we painted a small painting while down in the Canyon.

We then drove to Sedona where we were met by two other of my friends, Virginia (Ginny) Dauth and Camille (Candy) Day. We spend one whole month painting our way through and around Sedona. We were also there during the time of the Sedona Plein Air Festival and met some of the best and friendliest artists from around our country that were invited to participate. It is an honor to be one of 32 invited artists to participate in this festival.

Boynton Cactus
Oil, 10" x 8"

So . . . back to being represented by Windrush Gallery in Sedona. If you are in Arizona, you should really spend some time in Sedona and be sure to visit the Gallery. It is located on Hwy. 179 right in Sedona across the street from a major shopping and artist venue, Telaquepaque! This is only about two blocks off Hwy. 89 which runs through downtown Sedona.

Chavez Cactus
Oil, 7" x 5"

The images of the paintings in this post were what gallery owner, John McCullough, chose to keep for his gallery. All of them were painted while I was on this trip and are "plein air"! There were five oil paintings and three pastel paintings chosen. One of the pastels will be photographed tomorrow and all three of those will be framed and shipped back to Sedona. The oil paintings were left with them.

Red Rock Shadows
Oil, 7" x 5"

I will post the images of the three pastel paintings in the next blog post -- since I need to re-photograph one of those paintings.

If you have family or friends anywhere in the Southwest and they travel, be sure to let them know about Windrush Gallery and what a wonderful place to view great art. The owners, John and Jane are friendly and a real treat to talk with. They enjoy the customers browsing the gallery
. . . . . but of course buying  something is even better!

Be sure to let me know if you go into the gallery . . . would love to hear what you have to say . . . I know it will be good! Until next post . . . have a great Thanksgiving and be safe if you are traveling or loved ones are traveling to you!
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