Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here are more paintings I have done in Sedona

The days are winding down here in Sedona, and we have probably painted our last paintings of the trip. There is a slim possibility Candy and I can paint close to the house either Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon. We will have to pack on Monday and get the car loaded for our trip leaving early on Tuesday morning.

Here are a few paintings from previous days that I had not posted:

Chavez Road Cactus
Oil 7" x 5"

Chavez Road View #2
Oil - 5" x 7"

These two views are just across the street from the house and we painted one day here because it looked like it would rain!

Red Rock Crossing
Pastel - 9" x 12" I think

Red Rock Crossing #2
Oil - 10 x 8

And here are two others -- one done at Red Rock Crossing / Chavez Ranch Park -- and the other one is one I did at the house in oil from this pastel painting.

On Monday, we painted just North of the town of Sedona, driving up toward Oak Creek Canyon to a spot called Grasshopper Point . . . part of the Coconino Forest. It was pretty chilly when we arrived, so we walked around and took many photos and decided what we wanted to paint. There were many, many rocks, Oak Creek, and some wonderful old Sycamore trees . . . and three different cascades coming into the Creek. Here are paintings I did there.

Grasshopper Point #1
Oil, 10" x 8"

Grasshopper Cascade
Oil 11" x 9"

Grasshopper Point #2
Oil, 5" x 7" -- Palette Knife!
On Tuesday, we drove back to Crescent Moon Ranch and Red Rock Crossing to paint at Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock. One of the artists from the Sedona Plein Air Festival, Betty Carr, was teaching a workshop this week and happened to have her class there also on this day. But, we got the prime spot for the morning! Standing out on a little spot that looked into the view of Cathedral Rock and it’s reflection in the waters of Oak Creek! It is the most photographed area here in Sedona and is on all their advertising for this area. It is also one of the “vortex” areas people visit. It was fun and a beautiful and warm day to paint.

I painted a couple of paintings this day – maybe not frame ready, but here they are anyway. They will be good reference material along with my photographs for future studio paintings.

Cathedral Rock
Oil, 12 x 16 I think!

Crescent Moon View
Oil, 12 x 9

The Cathedral Rock painting is a little "scattered" looking with the trees -- they need to be softened and not so many different looking trees. One of the issues with plein air for me, is I love trees and forget that the rocks are the star of this show (this painting). And the second painting, there were those beautiful tall poplars and I wanted them in it. But, I think I have two different paintings in this one. I think I will cut it in half and have two good paintings -- the house and trees in the upper half, and the rocks and water in the lower half -- each will be their own painting. Why not?
So, I will show the last of the week in the next post -- which will bring you to the end of our stay here in Sedona. We will start our drive back early on Tuesday morning!
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