Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Wonderful Drawing Lesson

I am always looking at other artist's work and reading their blogs. Sometimes I come across exceptional subject matter and like to share it with my friends.

Here is an excerpt from an article I have been reading this morning about drawing. The web site is The Beginning Artist and is by Gary Gumble. I found him on a newsletter I read twice weekly -- Robert Genn. Gary has a wonderful way of teaching to help artists be able to learn without always being with their teacher. This is something I am trying to do with my Saturday only Mentoring Mini-Workshops once monthly in Woodstock.

Only after getting my big shapes correct do I work my way through the rest of the drawing.
If there is any question in my mind about whether I am getting the position of something or its proportions correct, I use my pencil to measure, measure, measure.
"What’s with all this measuring stuff? Why can’t I just eyeball it?"
You can just eyeball it. It is only if you want things positioned and sized to match your subject that I recommend measuring this way.
Over time it teaches you to see proportions more accurately and it is a quick way to avoid mistakes in seeing.
This is not a method just for beginners. Experienced artists use this as well.
End of Excerpt:

And here is a link to one of the pages I was reading -- where the excerpt above is located: The Shapes of Things Drawing Art Lessons 1

I hope you enjoy looking his site over. There are many more pages than just the one I am directing you to. Have a look around his site. Let me know what you think also.
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