Monday, April 5, 2010

Well, I'm Still Here!

I have had a very busy schedule from the last post . . . and I am so sorry I sporadically post to this blog. I promise to be better. I have made it a priority to do so. Will you stay with me? I hope so.

I have been to Florida to teach workshops and then to Pennsylvania to attend a reception where I was one of three judges. I was asked to also place a piece in this show -- all three judges were asked to have one for the show. Here is the painting I shipped up to New Hope, PA at the Bucks County Fine Art Gallery.

The photo is a little more colorful than the real painting, but not much. I have a difficult time with tweaking the photos of my paintings -- especially on the lap top which tends to make my photo of the painting darker and more intense. If I take the same tweaked image down to my desk computer, it looks totally different. So, what is an artist to do? Do any of you have suggestions about which way to go? I know more and more computers will be having the flat screens and less of the CRT screens will be in service. So, I should be working toward making them look correct on the LCD flat screens. So, I just answered my own question, right?

This painting is 20" x 16" and done in pastels and was done for a study for a larger oil I did on a birch cradled panel -- which is a 4' x 3' panel. I will post that one another day. I love pushing the colors in this one even though it might look a little garish! The real thing is just slightly less so.

So, until I can get back, I hope you enjoy this one from the Blue Ridge, GA area. Later!

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