Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grey Scale of Ponderosa Pine

Today I will be working on the last bit of the painting -- hopefully!

This is the grey scale of the previous post. This will help me determine where I need to make any changes. This is not the same grey scale you see in the previous post.

I know that the bottom left corner has been left in a very early stage with much of the orange underpainting showing. I like the contrast, but know it is the only spot like that. Sometimes when you have a spot like that, you need to determine if it detracts from the painting as a whole. When I say contrast, I am not talking value. This spot is a contrast of temperature and color. So . . . now I have to decide what more I need to do to that section.

The rest of work will be just tweaking where limbs will make sense and patches of light. Some of the tree trunks are a little hard edges and I need to also figure out a way to make them softer. That will require a stretch for me since I tend to make many of my edges too hard. I have been told by a wonderful artist that is the thing I need to work on the most -- my edges. Which told me I have too many hard edges! Thanks Terry and Elsie!

I'll post later today the results of what I do! Come back and see.
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