Monday, October 12, 2009

Final of Ponderosa Pines

So, here is the finished painting. I had to turn off the overhead light on the easel because it caused a glare on the dark part of the limbs. The light you do see is from our canned lights in the ceiling. So, sorry there is not a perfect light on the painting.

I added some "stuff" in the center of the drive -- a few leaves, rocks, etc. Want it to look like a gravel road, and not a paved one.

Also the bottom left corner still had some of the original orange underpainting showing and I thought it was distracting, so I added darks. The foliage on the ground also had too many different "stripes" of light and dark, so I created a larger area of light and this helped. The largest tree trunk in the foreground needed a little grounding to the earth, so I added a highlight on the bottom of the trunk, and flared it out a little. Just touches of stuff here and there to help me like the painting more.

Yesterday I put a stain around the outer edge wood -- rather than paint the scene on the sides! Today I signed the painting, sprayed a little Kamar Varnish to even out some of the dull spots, and put the hanging wire on the back. It is ready to deliver! I took some photos up close of the bottom and the top, but they are blurred. I will try to get a better photo of the sections as it shows the bits and pieces I did at the end. I remember a wonderful workshop instructor, Frank Federico, saying one time -- add those dots and dashes that make the painting sing! Hope I did that.
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