Monday, January 25, 2010

What a hectic few days!

I will be posting a rather lengthy post in a couple of days -- after I do quite a bit of photographing.

I attended what is called an "unparty" with my students from my night class in Smyrna. I have called it quits with this Smyrna class -- needing to devote more brain power to my studio work and marketing. It was a difficult decision, but . . . we are a family and still get together. We even have a class trip planned in July to the Tetons! Not teaching, but a retreat as equals.

But, the new post will have photos of a "book" the class gave me that was created by several of the students. A handmade book with stamps, photos, quips that I say, etc. It is a real treat. I hope the photos will do justice to what they gave me. I only wish I had a recording of the commentary that went along with showcasing this book while giving it to me at the party.

These students -- all 10 of them -- are so special. Some of them have been taking from me for over 8 years. I kept trying to push them out of the nest (not really), but I did emphasize that they would learn from many different teachers over the course of their art life.

And, though I quit these weekly classes in Smyrna, I have not stopped teaching my workshops. I have also started a new format of teaching for me: Mentoring Mini-Workshops. These mini-workshops are on a Saturday in Woodstock -- only 5 minutes from my home. They are only once per month and each is a 5-hour class devoted to a very specific topic. And, the mentoring part means these students have access to me after the Saturday class to offer advice, critique their homework -- yes, there is homework, and even a 15 minute session of question / answer if they need it. The format is something I wanted to try. I hear many students that don't paint except when they come to class. That is not good as most of you know. So I tried to think of a way they would have to paint without my supervision -- at least close supervision. They must learn to make mistakes and learn from them. Not have me there to tell them what to do. Don't you think?

Anyway, I will be putting the next few blog posts together for you -- hopefully to see what this class gave to me. What a great group of students!

Keep creating!!!!
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