Monday, November 20, 2017

Painting Falling Water

Demonstration Painting and Studies

14" x 11" Pastel of Dry Falls

This "rather long" blog post is about my love of doing subject matter in a series sometimes. I hope you enjoy the conversation and seeing a little into my days and weeks of being an artist!

Though this was a demonstration, it is "finished" because I don't want to lose the freshness of it, but not as finished as many of my paintings. It is a pastel. It was a demo for the IAPS (International Assoc. of Pastel Societies) convention this past June in Albuquerque NM.  I demonstrated for Ampersand who create the Pastelbord that I use 99% of the time and also Terry Ludwig Pastels.

Here is my recent Studio Painting!

"Dry Falls Wonder" 24" x 18" Pastel

This painting is from the same photograph, but done in the studio and has been taken a lot further with details. I still feel it retains a freshness, but with addition of other added elements. This waterfall is "Dry Falls" in North Carolina. I have painted it several times in different formats, from different angles, etc. It seems to inspire me any time I see it, or my photos!

I'm going to show you other waterfalls or cascades I have done in the past year, some are also in progress, but I love the direction they are going in.

11" x 14" Pastel Demo

The next one (to the right), also a pastel, is another demo at the above mentioned convention. And, it is the same waterfall just from a different perspective! This one is a little less finished, but I'm not sure I will do anything more to it. Again, I love the freshness of the marks.
Below is a 20" x 16" from near Monteagle Tennessee, and is from a photo I took in a park called "Fiery Gizzard." What a name right?

"Musical Waters" 20" x 16" Pastel
16" x 12" Pastel Demo

The one to the right is the same waterfall as above (Dry Falls again), and also was the last demonstration painting I did at the Pastel Convention in Albuquerque... I don't think this one is finished enough, so there will be some adjustments in the future!

Below is an oil painting of a waterfall in the Blue Ridge, GA area. This painting is 16"x20" and was recently in a local show, and found a new home! Thank you to the friends that purchased this one!

"Freshness" Oil 16"x20"
Be sure to check out my website for some of my "water and rock" paintings.
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