Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Double The Fun With Team Teaching?

"Rock Hopscotch" Pastel 11x14

Have you taken a class with two teachers sharing the teaching?

You don't want to miss this information I have for you. Karen Margulis and I will be team-teaching some workshops. Here is how it came about!

I received an e-mail about the 5th Plein Air Convention which will be held April 15-19, 2016, in Tucson, AZ. I went to the first PA Convention in Las Vegas and had a great time. I was intrigued this time because I have been through Tucson and have painted a few paintings from one of the Saguaro Parks. I decided I would try to get a friend or two to consider going also. I also love driving across our Country and stopping along the way to paint and see the sights.

I sent an e-mail to very good friend and previous student, Karen Margulis, to see if she might be interested in a road trip. We enjoy painting together and traveling and spending time learning more about our art. Karen has become quite a star in the pastel world with her paintings and her workshops. I am so proud of her! We will both be attending the International Association of Pastels Societies (IAPS) Convention this June and both of us will be receiving the Master Circle Gold Medallion, a three-inch medallion engraved with our name and the year the honor is bestowed engraved on the back.

How Did This Happen?

Karen was definitely interested, and had an intriguing idea and asked would I be interested in teaching along the way... teaching as a duo! I thought it was a fantastic idea and we are now planning the trip and the workshops.

"Where The Fairies Play" Pastel 18x24"
Karen Margulis

The Benefits of Two!

So you would have two award winning instructors for double the educational value and twice the fun! My expertise and what I am often told is "I want to learn color from you." My teaching style is more by individual thoughts as students ask questions. I have patience and am gentle... but, I ask the hard questions to get inside each student's head to see where they are going.

Karen's strength is organization and step-by-step instruction. Her biggest request and what she focuses on most is how to simplify and paint with more expression. She teaches you to loosen up and add spice to your paintings... one of her favorite topics.

We both like simplifying the plein air process making it less overwhelming and fun.

Where Will These Workshops Be Held?

We are working on details for possible Louisiana and Texas workshops, but would like to hear from you. If you have connections and/or resources to host an April 2016 workshop (from Georgia to Arizona) or would be interested in being added to our interest list, let us know.

You can e-mail me or Karen if you have information, or are interested in signing up. We will be deciding the dates very soon, but don't miss this opportunity to reserve your spot in our special workshop. 
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