Monday, February 2, 2015

Special Workshop - Florida!

"Ocean View" Oil, 7"x5"
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My Annual Florida Workshop - 2015!
Pastel, Oil or Acrylic -- Studio or Plein Air
Melbourne/Indialantic, Florida

Feb. 25 - March 1, 2015 -- Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. and Sunday
$90 per day -- choose your own days! Take three or more, at $10 off per day.

Florida is a special workshop I do each year ---- And you can choose your own days, take one, two, three, four or all five! This is a relatively small class... because of students deciding to paint in the studio (with the doors open to the outside, or outside in the beautiful landscape on this property!

I have done this workshop for 11 years, this would be #12. There are many returning students each year, and several new ones each year! The intention for this workshop is to have each student plan the days they can come -- just one day, two, etc. ... or all five. You can paint in the studio or plein air on the grounds of my host for the workshop. This location is beautiful and is along the intercoastal waterway. I will discuss creating studies, working from photographs as if you were outdoors, doing thumbnails and notans .... among all the other theories you may need to create your own personal vision.... instead of thinking of creating a "painting." This thought process most times takes the pressure off trying too hard! Try it, you'll like it and it might just give you a boost to try more!  And, I do not teach you to paint like me ... we find your vision!

Three Key Benefits of Marsha Savage Workshops

The workshop engages the student to study the key elements of starting a painting in a controlled way. A plan is made, started and keeps the student on track, instead of just "flying by the seat of their pants."

Study with a teacher in a workshop allows students to ask their own questions, but more importantly to see and listen to other students' questions and processes.

Learning to enjoy the journey, not necessarily trying to finish a piece is a key element in my discussions during the whole of the workshop. This also means to follow their own path, taking what they need from the workshop and are capable of at their stage, not just learning to paint in the style of the instructor.

Registration is by e-mailing me for the workshop. I will give the address and a supply list if you need one. I am not a teacher that wants you to go out and buy new supplies if you don't need them! All the classes are kept between 10 - 16 students at most. Many times there are only about 5-6... which is how I am planning my workshops most of the time these days! Take advantage of this more relaxed atmosphere, no pressure, and small group!

For more information about me, my bio and my artist statement look through my web site, , or you can call 770-926-3623 (Smyrna, GA), or e-mail me at marshasavageart @
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