Sunday, October 12, 2014

Not Rejection ... Just Selection!

Dunes Mystery, Pastel 11"x14"

Have you ever entered an art competition? 

If you have, you did receive a notice that your painting (or other type of art) was either accepted, or not accepted into the show. Many artists will tell someone they entered a competition but they were "rejected" or received a "rejection notice."

There have been several conversations on Facebook and blogs, and in newsletters ... where I just read something and posted a comment. Here is a link to the newsletter: Jurors and Rejection by David P. Hettinger on the Fine Art Views Art Marketing Newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter from this site, it is a wonderful group!

My comment: "Love this language difference. I tell all my students in posts about "not being accepted" and the difference I feel by using those words. I have been a juror and judge and also know how difficult the task is. Saying you were "rejected" ... wrong! It is not rejection, just selection"

Do you let it bother you because your were "not selected?"

How do you handle the feeling when you receive that letter or e-mail telling you, "sorry, but your work was not selected for the show?"

Do you feel like you are less proficient than other artists you know? You should never compare your work to that of others, only to your previous work!

Or ...

Do you tell yourself, "okay, just one juror's opinion" and then go on about creating your work?

Be sure to take the time to look at what was accepted if you get the chance. And, have a look at the statistics of that particular show / competition. Remember, there were probably well over ten times as many submissions as there were spaces for accepted pieces in some of our prestigious shows! Just as a for instance... a recently chosen show had in the neighborhood of 2,000 entries submitted and accepted less than 200 paintings (I wish I had the exact numbers, but I am close). Think of how many wonderful artists and pieces of art were "not selected!" Good company, right? But, no reason to feel "rejected."

The painting featured above has been submitted to a couple of shows, and has not been selected. And, guess what? I love this painting, with any inconsistencies it might have, and still think it is a wonderful painting. And it was the best painting I could do at that time, and was submitted to those shows because of that feeling!
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