Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paintings of Waves

I have started a new series of paintings: waves! I so enjoyed standing in the ocean and just watching the waves come and go. I took many photos over several days of doing this -- in the ocean and from the shore. We were in New Smyrna Beach last summer and these paintings are from those photos. I did create a couple of sketches while sitting on the beach, but those are always just for me. The sketches on location also help me with the memories I have when looking at my photos. I can mentally transport myself back into that ocean and feel the water, the sun and breeze, and still smell the ocean! It helps with the painting!

Here is the first one in the series.

"Joyful Exuberance"
Pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord
8" x 10"
This painting was so much fun to do. I started with a watercolor underpainting which helped me decide just where certain elements would be and also the colors that showed through the final pastel application. That dark wave coming in from behind is much of the watercolor showing.

The second painting is a little larger, but still a pastel painting. I even did a little more to it yesterday even though it had been thought to be finished a couple of weeks ago. I had it sitting in the studio because I just knew there was something I wanted different, but just not sure how I wanted it to finish up.

The watercolor underpainting

 Here is the second wave piece in the watercolor stage.....

"Wave Action"
- thought to be finished -

and then the "first finished stage" ....

and then here is "Wave Action" as of yesterday.

"Wave Action"
-- still have to put some droplets in! --

In this version of the wave, I knew I needed to place that light portion of the wave as it nears the top even though it is under the curling part of the wave. Though I liked the contrast in what I thought was the finish, it was just too dark and not the way a wave really looks. So .... change it, I did!

So .... here is number three in the series .... even larger, but still a pastel:

Pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord
18" x 24"

I have enjoyed painting most of these with no sky in them -- just the ocean stretching all the way back and to the top of the piece.

Now, I have planned to paint a large oil painting of a wave on a wood cradled panel that is 3' x 4' .... but first I thought it would be a good idea to do an oil on a smaller canvas. I need to see what difference working with the brush and oil would be to my work of the pastel strokes. Here is an oil that still has some work to do in the curl. The painting is on a gallery wrap 8" x 24" ... so a long piece!

Oil - 8" x 24"

You can see the little bit of orange on the backing board where I have taped this canvas. I toned the canvas with an orange and yellow before starting the painting. I enjoy having a warm underpainting to work on ... no matter whether I am using pastel or oil. That's just me!

And here is a side shot of the gallery wrap.

I'll work on the second painting (pastel) to put in a few droplets that were removed when I changed the water under the curl. Then, I'll put the oil painting back up and correct and finish the area under the curl here. And, there will be a small amount of work around the sides, top and bottom. I did work on those as I painted, but the finishing touches need to be assessed after I finish the front.

I hope you enjoy seeing these different subject matter for me ... not trees! Try something different for yourself!

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