Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Painting using my Alter Ego name

Today I have painted in oil a 30" x 24" on canvas. I have been trying in acrylic to do something that is somewhat abstracted. I have a hard time not doing my normal detail work that I do in pastel.

I edited the photo in Photoshop Elements to something that would not look just like the photograph. I painted from the altered photograph. I also tried to use strokes that I don't normally do -- somewhat of a geometric nature in the foreground. I softened the background so there were not so many "hard" edges. I still think there are too many color changes in the trees -- I will probably do something about that. As you can see I did an image that is gray scale to see if there were too many value changes. No too bad, but could probably be better. I am relatively pleased with the field and the stroke production.

I want to create an alter ego -- not to be a secret -- but another name to use when I am working on experimental work, abstract, etc. I will be using my middle name, "Helena", with no last name. These works will be slightly less in cost than my normal work. These will be considered studies!

Tell me what you think. Or, tell me what you see that I have missed!
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